Knutson Custom Construction is proud to announce we have partnered with Kitchee Gammi Design Co to give our clients the entire package from dream to completion for their kitchen and bathroom projects.

Here is a little more information about Kitchee Gammi Design Co.

Building new or remodeling an existing structure or embarking on an entirely new corporate or residential design is a process not to be taken lightly. Your ideas are a beginning… We will collaborate closely with you to bring them to life, and infuse them with one of a kind style, design and purpose.

As we negotiate the many factors that go into this process, we bring a breadth of experience that can put you (or your group) at ease. We will listen carefully and anticipate the unvoiced questions and concerns. The evolution of a space is not always linear, we expect sudden requests and unforeseen detours and respond willingly. Twenty plus years of experience working with individuals, couples and larger design committees on a variety of projects have helped us to create a strategic path for the planning, building and finishing phases of projects of all scopes and budgets.

We hope to convey to you how much fun this process can be.

Kitchee Gammi Design Co. offers unique, one of a kind, spirit filled and harmonious full service interior design services to both corporate and residential clients. Suzi Vandersteen owner/designer, is a leader of ideas, manager of projects and visionary who has worked with individuals and large groups to create the design of their dreams. Projects such as Solvay Hospice House and Amberwing were opportunities to make a deep connection with the community, staff and donors and be good stewards of donor money while building a facility that served the specific needs of the Duluth MN area. Residential projects are seen as an opportunity to translate and interpret an individual’s or family’s specific needs into beautiful yet functional spaces. Suzi has learned to surround herself with people who are skilled and contribute to her specific type of healing design. Suzi is an adaptable person with a unique gift for connecting with people and groups who are interested in her restorative and calming design narrative.

Kitchee Gammi Design Co. has a proven track record of working remotely, so the location or size of your project is not a problem. Our design studio also offers full service kitchen and bath design. We work with only the highest quality vendors, which strive to serve both the residential and commercial market to the highest standards.

Together we believe in harmonious, healing design that brings together our in-depth knowledge of good interior design and human needs. We specialize in collaboration on many levels, creating beautiful, highly functional and sustainable living and working spaces.

Our residential designs are created from the inside out. We ask the right questions, and get to know our clients in a way that makes designing for them easy and stress free. Putting people at ease is a specialty of ours. By fully integrating us into the entire house plan, your home will have a consistent, coherent and harmonious design narrative.

Specializing in:

Kitchen Design
Bathroom Design
Closet Systems
Luxury Interior Design

Reimagine your space.