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Structurally Insulated Panel (SIPs)

Knutson Custom Construction strongly believes in Structurally Insulated Panel (SIPs) construction and here is why..

What is SIPs?

  • SIPS are Structurally Insulated Panels also known as solid core panels
  • Constructed from formaldehyde free plywood/OSB shell with a borate acid treated foam core
  • Panels are assembled together one panel at a time until building is complete
  • SIPS are manufactured under factory controlled conditions which results in a building system that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective

for further information on SIPs please visit www.sips.org

Why SIPs?

  • SIPs saves the environment
    • 50% or more energy efficient
    • Carbon footprint of SIPs is significantly less from start to finish
    • Approximately 85% less lumber used
  • SIPs saves on labor
    • Ceiling & walls are delivered pre-formed and cut to specifications
    • Faster assembly
  • SIPs saves on time
    • Less material sorting
    • Faster completion time
  • SIPs saves on money
    • Tighter buildings = much smaller heating and mechanical systems
    • Net Zero energy buildings = zero net energy consumption and zero carbon emissions annually


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