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Miniature Orr Boats

Our son’s kindergarten class had a week where they learned all about wood. They learned about the different kinds of wood and all the different kind of things you can do with wood.

Our son’s teacher knew Andrew was in the construction industry so she asked Andrew to help by making templates for Orr boats for each one of the students in the class. The teacher had a template from years past that Andrew could use as a template to base the boats off of. Andrew took the template and made it his own. Once he had the final design he used reclaimed wood from a playground in Two Harbors, MN to create all the pieces.

The kindergarten class took the parts and assembled the boats with nails and glue, with the help of Andrew and a few other parents. The project was intended to teach the kinds about wood, the fun you can have with wood and how to properly hammer a nail and use wood glue..

The kids were able to paint their boat as they chose and we applied a non-toxic lacquer over the paint to prevent bleeding (if the kids chose to take them in the bath).

The kids (and the parents) had a great time! Wood craft projects like this are a fun for kids of many ages!


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