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When designing this kitchen we worked with the client to create the kitchen of their dreams while still staying in the style/period of their house.The kitchen area was added to the original house in 1996 and was not done to match the style of the rest of the house. Knutson partnered with a local designer to create the kitchen design to fit the period of the house.

Knutson did a lot of extras for this kitchen, as it was not a ‘normal’ kitchen remodel.

  • The roof system was under engineered and was sagging significantly. A support beam was installed into the roof system to support the roof and then install into the walls, all while making it look like it was always there.
  • The floor was sagging by 3+ inches an needed to re-level and add support to it. A large hole was dug in the basement to configure point loading supports for the floor

The kitchen itself has ______ kitchen cabinets, custom seating areas, along with an island complete with a built in mixer, convection microwave, wine cooler and bookshelves.

This kitchen is not only beautiful but extremely functional.