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Making a house into a home in Northland Estates

When you buy a house it isn’t always your home right away. With this family, they loved the house and knew it had good bones..they just needed to make it into their forever home. They wanted their home to have easy flow throughout to make it easy to move from space to space. With adults working in and out of the home, active kids, guests coming in and out the space need to compliment their busy lives. The space needed to be simple yet elegant with the use of wood and neutral tones, with a pop of black with the use of black metal. Each space was designed with the idea that it need to stand up to a busy family, but look polished to serve up appetizers and drinks to guests.

It is a very personal experience re-modeling ones house into the home of their dreams. Taking into account the needs and wants of the customers is the key element to making a space a home. In the case with this family, their visions created a beautiful warm inviting home.



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