September 25 2016 0Comment


Have you ever wanted to re-do your kitchen but you just didn’t seem to have the energy to do it while your kids were young. Well the owner of this Lakeside kitchen felt the same way. Once she her kids were all grown up, she was able to take her old kitchen and have it transformed into something she had always dreamed of.

Since this was a smaller kitchen with not that much room for counter space, we needed to get creative. In order to make the kitchen look larger upper cabinetry was eliminated, which really opens it up and makes it brighter. Since there was no upper cabinetry to put the microwave in, it was moved to the lower cabinetry which also reduces clutter on the counters.

Small glass tile, a neutral blue/gray paint along with sleek hardware choices all make the difference in creating a crisp clean kitchen. This kitchen is not only functional it is very warm, open and inviting.