September 26 2016 0Comment


A couple came to Knutson to help them complete their home remodel. They had completely gutted the inside of their house and asked us to re-frame the interior and then finish it. Working with the couple to make sure that every detail was finished to what they wanted was key to the success of this renovation.

There was a lot of work and thought that had to go into framing this house to make it have the flow and layout the couple needed. They were kept in the loop of everything that went on, they were informed with any issues that arouse and were then when phase was complete. The open communication between the Knutson team and the couple made this home remodel a success both inside and out.

Once the team was finished with the inside, they moved on the tearing off the existing front porch and re-building it.

Although there were many bumps along the way, this house turned out to be a stunning home