December 10 2020 0Comment

A Car Comes Home

A local car enthusiast approached us about creating a multi functional garage for restoring, housing, and enjoying his car collection. Specifically a 1956 Cadillac he had owned since he was a teenager. The car had been previously stored in an old Duluth Carriage house off site of the owner’s home.

The Knutson team worked closely with the homeowner to determine the size and placement of the garage. The planning process included the owner as the new garage needed practical working space such as a car hoist, workshop, hot and cold running water and drains. The new building also needed display, gathering and hobby space to show off his car collection.

As the building started to take shape the homeowner was concerned about the snow load coming off the roof near the entry door. The Knutson team consulted with one of their local craftsmen to come up with a custom cedar pegged timber frame shed roof over the door to prevent unexpected snow slides blocking the door. This addition also tied the new building to the homeowners cedar framed home. We loved creating a space to restore cars and memories, and bring a treasure home for good.


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