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May 01 2014 0Comment

Beautifully Crafted Desk and Coffee Table

A gentleman came to Knutson in search of a custom desk for his new office. His main request was that he wanted to stand all day while working, but he also didn’t want this desk to look like something you could just go buy off of the shelves at a store either. He wanted it […]

April 15 2014 0Comment

Modern Sleek Sauna

For the 2014 Arrowhead Home and Builders Show, Knutson Custom Construction built a sleek and modern sauna for our booth display. Andrew Knutson created the design after looking at many many different saunas for inspiration. The idea behind the sauna was so that one could take a sauna while enjoying the environment around them. Whether […]

February 13 2014 0Comment

Think Spring…Custom Garden Shed?

It has been a long cold winter up in Northern Minnesota, however, it is never too soon to think about spring! Have you always wanted you very own custom garden shed. One that can hold all of your gardening needs and match the style of your house too? Knutson Custom Construction has a niche in […]

January 21 2014 0Comment

Ice Dams

Long icicles hanging from your gutters? Icicles on your house are usually the first warning sign of possible ice dams on your roof. Ice dams can do major damage to your home; they can tear off gutters, loosen shingles as well as cause water to back up and rain into your house. Seeping water can […]

January 14 2014 0Comment

What is Net Zero?

What is a ‘net zero’ home? A ‘net zero’ home is one that consumes little to no energy from the electrical grid, and therefore has a net zero energy consumption rate. The topic of ‘off-grid’ homes is becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of them and how they can change their lives. Being […]

December 30 2013 0Comment

Miniature Orr Boats

Our son’s kindergarten class had a week where they learned all about wood. They learned about the different kinds of wood and all the different kind of things you can do with wood. Our son’s teacher knew Andrew was in the construction industry so she asked Andrew to help by making templates for Orr boats […]

October 24 2013 0Comment

Structurally Insulated Panel (SIPs)

Knutson Custom Construction strongly believes in Structurally Insulated Panel (SIPs) construction and here is why.. What is SIPs? SIPS are Structurally Insulated Panels also known as solid core panels Constructed from formaldehyde free plywood/OSB shell with a borate acid treated foam core Panels are assembled together one panel at a time until building is complete […]


Hello there and welcome to the newly created Knutson Custom Construction blog. In creating this blog we hope to bring you lots of different information about not only what Knutson Custom Construction is working on, but what the latest is from the construction industry. Comments are always welcome as they will help us to tailor […]