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Are you ready to build a home? Do you have all the information you need to get in touch with a contractor?

Making the decision to build your own home is just the first of many steps you  need to take to get ready for this ever important and exciting undertaking. There are many pieces of information you need to have together before you can start working with a contract on your dream home.

Here are a few general tips to get your started on your adventure.

1. First you need to get in touch with your bank to see how much of a loan you can qualify for to build this new home

2. You need to get in touch with your realtor to find & purchase the land you want to build your home on.

3. Once you have the amount of money you qualify for, you need to determine your budget, do you want to have it be all that you qualify for or do you want to shoot for less than that.

4. Once you know your budget and have the land, meet with a designer to design the home you want that fits your budget.

5. Once you have plans, can be your initial plans doesn’t have to be final, start interviewing contractors.

Taking the time to complete these general steps in the beginning will help make this process smoother for everyone involved.


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