Years in Construction: 7 ½ years
Joined KCC: March 2012
Favorite Part of the Industry: I enjoy the variety of work that KCC is involved in. We’re not a one trick pony and I feel that allows us to be more hands on with projects from start to finish
KCC’s Culture: Viable employee/customer relationship, hands on approach, hard work, and a positive attitude
Hobbies: Enjoying every day with my family and friends. I also partake in hunting, archery, in-lining, kayaking, sports and traveling
Key Job Skills: Attention to detail, a hands on approach with clients, and a desire to learn
Clients Value: Honesty, integrity and open communication. Understanding that any project, no matter the size, is significant
Co-workers Value: There is no “I” in team and that applies in any profession. In order to be a well oiled machine everyone involved must be on the same page. Open communication, strong work ethic and positive attitude.
Hidden Talent: I’ve been known as the song bird of this generation.