Category: Kitchen

Kat and Erik Lauer – kitchen

A kitchen designed by someone who cooks "We had been up looking at houses before we moved to Duluth and saw one with the perfect kitchen for us. It was beautiful, but you could tell immediately it wasn’t laid out just for show. It was designed by someone who cooked." - More Details Kat and [...]

Jefferson and Tammy Davis – kitchen

A London road kitchen remodel " It’s been two years since our kitchen was completed and I’m still impressed with the outcome of our trim/crown molding every time I look at it!" More Details Knutson Custom Construction impressed Jefferson and Tammy Davis with their work, so much so that they asked them to remodel the [...]

Nate and Alina Hyedt – kitchen

Executing on a kitchen remodel vision " Knutson was "receptive and open" to Nate and Alina's input and suggestions. Constant updates were given throughout the process even when Nate and Alina were not at home." More Details Now a days a kitchen isn't just a kitchen it is a place for people to hang out and [...]