Having a bathroom to fit your every need is what everyone wants in their bathroom(s). So when Andrew and Elizabeth were looking for someone to remodel not one but two of their bathrooms they needed to work with someone that would listen to their wants and needs for their family. They received Knutson Custom Constructions name from their realtor Casey Knutson Carbert. They met with Andrew and he not only listened to their wants and needs and had some great ideas to enhance what they were looking for.

Throughout the process Andrew (and team) made themselves easy to contact regarding questions or concerns. The whole team was always so respectful and kind at the same time being careful to clean up daily. Their attention to detail was reflected in their overall quality of work, which was excellent.

There was some challenges along the way with some old pluming issues, but the Knutson team was able to respond and adapt their plan. They plugged away at the old plumbing and fixed the issues without adding too much time to the overall project.

Andrew and team offered great ideas for both bathrooms throughout the remodel. They kept Andrew and Elizabeth in the loop about everything that was going on. The end result were two beautiful bathrooms that were executed perfectly to what Andrew and Elizabeth had envisioned.

In the words of Andrew and Elizabeth…”working with Knutson Custom Construction was a great experience. We have highly recommended them to our friends and will use them for any future projects.”


Now a days a kitchen isn’t just a kitchen it is a place for people to hang out and socialize. Nate and Alina had a kitchen that was closed off from the rest of their house and was lacking the entertainment feel they were looking for. When they began looking for a contractor they turned to Andrew (a long time friend) to help them execute their vision.

Throughout the process Andrew (and team) was really good at listening to Nate and Alina wanted in terms of the final product in their kitchen. Knutson suggested one “nice to haves” that really made a lot of sense, they weren’t things that an average homeowner would necessarily think of in a project but they made sense.

One of the best parts of working with Knutson Custom Construction was that they stayed on schedule and on budget. Additionally, Nate and Alina “loved that Knutson Custom Construction listen to how they wanted the project to go and then they made it happen that way.” Knutson was “receptive and open” to Nate and Alina’s input and suggestions. Constant updates were given throughout the process even when Nate and Alina were not at home.

In the words of Nate and Alina…”We love our kitchen and there is not a lot that we would do differently. Andrew and his team were able to turn our vision into reality. We would recommend KCC to mane people working on remodeling projects. We wouldn’t do that if we didn’t feel strongly about the work that KCC did for us.”


Knutson Custom Construction impressed Jefferson and Tammy Davis with their work, so much so that they asked them to remodel the kitchen of their London Road home. They had a vision in mind for their kitchen and they knew that Knutson Custom Construction could deliver. KCC not only delivered they made suggestions to improve the couples vision

Throughout the entire process Knutson’s team was on time, courteous and respectful. Knutson made it very clear to Jefferson and Tammy about their schedule, they knew who and when the guys would be at their house to do work. If they mentioned they would be their at 8am, then the guys would be there at 8am. “This was very much appreciated so we were not left wondering about arrivals.” mentions Tammy. Not only was Knutson timely they were also very respectful of Jefferson, Tammy and their families time. Knutson strived to only work during work hours as to not run into the evenings and interrupt family time, which was very important to the Davis family.

The Davis’ appreciate and are grateful for KCC’s attention to detail, which in their words was “outstanding”. “It’s been two years since out kitchen was completed and I’m still impressed with the outcome of our trim/crown molding every time I look at it!”

The Davis’ were so impressed with Andrew and the team they asked them to build them their pole barn garage at their lake home.


Kat and Eric Lauer knew they wanted Knutson Custom Construction (KCC) to remodel their kitchen even before they knew the Knutson name. “We had been up looking at houses before we moved to Duluth and saw one with the perfect kitchen for us. It was beautiful, but you could tell immediately it wasn’t laid out just for show. It was designed by someone who cooked,” recalls Kat Lauer. “When it came time to remodel our kitchen, we literally tracked down the house again and discovered Ken Knutson (Andrew’s father) had moved in.”

Kat is convinced KCC’s knack for kitchens is due in part to Andrew Knutson’s love of cooking. “You’re not just getting a contractor, you’re getting someone who loves being in the kitchen, so he creates a space that isn’t just beautiful, it’s completely functional, too.”

Function was just one of many concerns for the Lauers. In the 1990s, previous owners placed a poorly-constructed addition onto an otherwise beautiful turn-of-the-century house. The Lauers needed a contractor who could address their addition’s structural issues. They also needed a designer who could find a way to make the kitchen feel like it flowed with the more traditional construction of the main house. Fortunately for the Lauers, KCC offered both.

Kat particularly appreciated Andrew’s ability to think about details she and her husband would have otherwise missed. “He helped us design a kitchen with better flow than we had before, one that really takes into account that we’ve got kids running around and that we like to entertain. He’ll definitely do whatever the client wants when it comes to design, but he always offers his suggestions if he sees something might be done a better way.”

The Lauers were so pleased with their kitchen that they have hired KCC for other projects and have recommended Knutson to their friends. “Andrew’s biggest strong suit is that he’s truly invested in what he does. It shows in his work and it’s why we keep coming back to him,” says Kat.


Want to raise your own chickens without sacrificing the aesthetics of your back yard? Consider having one built by Knutson Custom Construction — that’s what Duluth residents Kat and Eric Lauer did with great results.

The “Coop Majahl,” as the family jokingly calls it, is a simple but attractive design that adds to the ambiance of their yard. Big enough for their four laying hens and three bantam chickens, the coop has an automatic door that makes it easy for the birds to get in and out.

Because coop construction is fast and relatively easier, it’s an affordable investment that will benefit your family for years.


When Duluth residents Kat and Eric Lauer decided to build a family cabin, they turned to the contractor who built their dream kitchen just two years before. This was important, because the Lauer’s had some very specific ideas for the cabin and wanted a contractor who would work closely with them to achieve their vision, which included reclaiming some parts of an old cabin that once stood on their lakefront property.

“We needed a contractor who was going to let us be hands-on with some of the work, because there were things we wanted to do ourselves,” says Kat. That work included Eric making rustic sliding doors for the main entrances and installing their own kitchen cabinets. The couple also created a custom ceiling in part of the house using galvanized metal salvaged from the previous owners’ cabin.

Another personal touch — a small, insulated bunkhouse with windows that the Lauer’s daughters have claimed as their own during weekend trips to the cabin. “The girls just love being out there,” says Lauer. “We often communicate with walkie talkies when the girls are out there.”

Knutson’s ability to share control of a project has led the Lauers to recommend the construction company to several friends. “Not everyone is going to be comfortable with you doing that much work, but Andrew treated us like real partners in the process,” says Kat. The result — a cabin the entire family loves. “Andrew is truly committed to doing what it takes to ensure you’re getting a quality product,” says Kat.