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Post Frames/Pole Barns

Post Frame Buildings (also known as pole barns) are used for many different buildings, from a residential garage to a commercial warehouse. Knutson has been building post frames for 10 years and we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of these buildings. Knutson partnered with Sherman Pole Buildings can provide you with the highest quality building that meets all of your needs while staying within your budget.

You may be wondering what a post frame building is…

The design behind a post frame building is based around posts (previously poles), that are set five to six feet into the ground or on a concrete slab, spaced four to eight feet apart. Trusses are then attached on top of the posts ad purlins are attached to the trusses. Instead of studs used in traditional buildings, these posts provide a strong structural frame for the exterior walls. Horizontal supports (girts) are attached to the posts to attach the siding. Steel is then attached to the girts and purlins creating a system that is both sturdy and cost efficient.

In ground web


example of a post frame with posts in the ground

slab web


example of a post frame with posts on concrete slab

Still wondering if post frame is the way to go for your project, take a look at our gallery of some of the post frame buildings we have completed in the past.


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  1. Looking to connect and discuss building a pole barn at my cabin in Cromwell. I will be meeting another contractor there on the 23rd of this month and hope that we can meet following.
    Since your company daes remodeling we can also look at a number of other projects.
    Please let me know if that day works



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