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They-Grow-Up-So-Fast Kitchen

Two professional parents, three young boys and two dogs make this a busy family and the kitchen is the center of everything.  There is a lot happening at all hours so a thoughtfully efficient, organized kitchen tends to keep everyone together and in a good mood.


We were challenged by the home owners to keep the original footprint of this kitchen. They also had a small built in table and bench in the kitchen that they loved.  We knew we needed to include a banquette in their new kitchen along with as much storage as possible.  We re-routed the traffic pattern to the kitchen through the back hall.  We added efficient storage in the hall and lots of pantry storage.  We enlarged and improved the banquette so it can accommodate three growing boys.  Their previous kitchen had a butcher block countertop they loved so we added one to their new kitchen.  Many times people come to us and tell us what  they don’t like about their space.  This family had things they liked about their original kitchen that they challenged us to include in their new space.  The traditional nature of the cabinets and stone floor reinforces the architecture of the home and creates a warm, cozy and charming space to connect and create.  



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