October 25 2022 0Comment

Small space turned to open concept kitchen/dining area

This kitchen had it’s challenges; combining the kitchen and dining space; there are a lot of windows and not much wall space; the range needed venting and the client wanted an open concept. We were up to the challenge to make this area exactly what the clients wanted.

We removed the dividing wall to open up the space entirely. Working with the windows we centered the sink on the middle window to create even balance with the cabinets and countertops. To give the client the open concept and still have the space they needed/wanted, we created a banquette area to increase the kitchens square footage.

With the new configuration, the area is now flooded with natural light. Withal the natural textures the contrasting clean backsplash adds some visual interest. The design classically honors the home and the homeowners character.


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