March 19 2019 0Comment

A new home for a growing family

When you are a couple with a growing family, building your home together is a big need to get it right, it needs to fit your needs now and when the kids get older. A couple just like this came to Knutson with an idea of their house in mind. They worked with our in house designer to design the perfect house for their growing family. They partnered with Knutson to make the house what they wanted that also fit within their budget. There was no detail left out..every inch of the home was finished to the home owners liking. The home was built surrounded by trees, so there are tons of windows in the home all with a beautiful serene view. All of the finishing were picked out by hand by the home owner. Each detail was important to the couple and then gave it all meaning. Building a home that you want to live in and are proud of is what is important and is what this couple got in the end.



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