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Modern kitchen remodel in UMD area..closed off kitchen to wide open living area

You get to a point in your life when you are ready to have what you want to have. This is true for a couple living near the UMD campus in Duluth. There kids were older and they knew it was time for them to have a nice kitchen that they could have a nice quite dinner in but also entertain family and friends. They also were lucky enough to work in a business where they knew of many contractors, but they chose to work with Knutson Custom on their kitchen.

They wanted to open up the kitchen to give them a more open concept living. In doing this they would have to also take down a hallway wall which posed the question of how to make the storage closets and front entry closet “blend” in with the space. Andrew came in to meet with the couple and work on layout/design of the space and came up with a perfect solution for their closet area to work with the overall look of the main floor. He proposed they “cover” the walls with wood and replace the doors to match the wood to make it a classy seamless look that mirrors the style of the kitchen and main living area.

Along with the normal pieces of a remodel this one also included taking down walls, moving electrical, taking out windows and installing french doors. The changes to the first floor main living area of this house is stunning. The main floor is not only an open concept now, it is brighter and warmer as well.

The couple couldn’t be more pleased with the way the finished product turned out.



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