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Hockey Themed Bunk House/Shed

This past August of 2016 we again had the privilege of building the shed for the ArtCetera Event put on by the Miller Dwan Foundation. This year the theme for the shed was a hockey themed bunk house. We worked side by side with DSGW (the designers) to produce one amazing looking shed. This shed was the one of the main ticket items to be auctioned off for the Miller Dwan Foundation fundraising event (ArtCetera). This shed brought in the most money for the foundation of any other shed in it’s history!

We made the outside a rustic barn look with sliding barn doors and a red rough sewn siding. Inside the look and feel was supposed to be a comfortable warm hang out place you would go to after playing outside. There is a small stove; TV/entertainment area and bunks with flannel blankets. Throughout the inside we used hockey sticks & pucks to give it that hockey look and feel.

Knutson Custom Construction proudly donated our time and labor to get this shed built and look forward to working with this team again to create another masterpiece next year



  1. Wonderful. What are the dimensions? Thank you

    1. The shed was 10×12


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