June 19 2018 0Comment

Handsome large kitchen remodel in the Congdon Park neighborhood (Duluth, MN)

What happens when you buy a wonderful old home in the Congdon neighborhood, but it has a small non-user friendly kitchen? You expand it of course. The family that purchased this home loves to cook and entertain…so they wanted a large open concept kitchen/sitting/hang out area for their kitchen in their new home. They decided in order to get what they want they needed to switch the kitchen for the living room space and put the living room space into the old kitchen space. The large island in the middle of the room is great for a prep area for cooking, an area to sit and hang out with the chef or to sit and have a meal. The cooking area is separate from the coffee/bar area in order to elevate a bottle neck in the kitchen. The layout of their new kitchen space was long (similar to that of a space ship); but the way that it is laid out works great for a warm and inviting environment to cook, hang out or host a party in.



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