September 26 2016 0Comment


When you want to build an energy efficient house, you build it our of SIPs! That is what this one couple did. They came to Knutson Custom Construction wanting to build a new home for themselves and their son. One of the main qualities they wanted was to have their house be energy efficient…they didn’t want to spend a ton of money to heat their house during the cold winter months in Northern, MN

At first they were not 100% sold on the idea of SIPs, they thought it would cost more money, they would be limited to what they could do when building with SIPs, etc. However, once they learned more about the product they really understood that there really is no other way to build a house than out of SIPs.

Raising the structure of the house did not take that much time at all, it was a sight to see. The homeowners were delighted with the fast past and professionalism of the crew. The home owners worked closely with Andrew picking out every detail to make sure the exterior was exactly what they wanted. They finished the outside with a silver metal siding and red trim to give it a pop of color.

The homeowners are more than happy with the way their new home turned out..