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A Kitchen For (ALL) The Ages

When the last kid clears out, life returns to time spent as a couple enjoying a little domestic peace.  Until the kids come home and visit.  Those days the house converts back to a family of four (and friends) and a great spot for backyard grilling and get-togethers.  


This ranch style home in the country had an outdated layout that was inefficient and provided little storage.  The homeowners rarely used their formal dining room so we converted it into a home office and stole some space for a more spacious kitchen.  Now they have a large island and work space, great storage and updated lighting.  We moved the dining area into the kitchen for a cozy and more modern layout. We wanted the kitchen finishes to relate to the North Woods feeling of this country home so we used natural maple for the cabinets and granite for the countertops.  


These homeowners are avid outdoors people, so we created custom storage systems for them in their back hall to sort and organize all of the clothing and accessories necessary for their various outings.  Better traffic patterns, more organized storage and a spot to sit and visit makes this kitchen family and couple friendly.



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